About Us

Our director, Professor Russell Vickers is a Board Certified Surgeon and world expert in Stem Cells. He has an acknowledged published history in leading stem cell peer reviewed journals, referenced so the client can read them and understand that his team practice evidence based Medicine.

Professor Russell Vickers is both a clinician and researcher. All members of the team subscribe to the stem cell practice and code relating to the use of autologous mesenchymal stem cells in the treatment of disease.

Mission Statement

Eurostemcell.life subscribes to the sanctity of the individual and the restoration of damaged tissue by the scientific method of using your own cells to impart regeneration where possible.

Eurostemcell.life only proceeds when the patient is fully informed with respect to diagnosis and treatment. We recognize the right for the patient to give and decline consent.

Eurostemcell.life hereby guarantee that we uphold the highest standards and credentialing in providing treatment to patients in our respective specialties.

What makes Us Different?

Professor Russell Vickers PhD and his team are Board certified Surgeons and Doctors who represent the pinnacle of Stem Cell knowledge and treatment.

We do not profess to cure disease but do acknowledge our goal is to alleviate symptoms and improve the quality of life for patients undergoing Stem Cell treatment.

Mesenchymal (Autologous) Vs
Embryonic/Umbilical (Allogenic)

Stem cells were discovered in 1981 and in 1998 a way was found to grow them in the laboratory.

Stem cells are designated as pluripotential, they can differentiate to any tissue or organ in the body.

Classically stem cells may be used to treat cancer or used as regenerative cells.

Eurostemcell.life exclusively use stem cells for regenerative purposes.

Eurostemcell.life use autologous (your own) cells which are safer than using other peoples stem cells which are called 'allogeneic cells.

Clinical Aspects of Liposuction and Rationale for Tissue Collection

The rationale behind the extraction of fat tissue lies in its relatively abundant stem cell content. Furthermore, it offers a convenient accessibility for medical practitioners and poses minimal risk to patients. Over the course of several years, the accepted nomenclature for the retrieval of stem cells from adipose tissue has evolved, now commonly referred to as Mesenchymal Adipose Stem Cell Collection (MASCs).

The Collection Technique

  • The stem cell harvesting procedure is characterised by its minimally invasive nature
  • Local anaesthetic of typically 5-20mls of 2% lignocaine with adrenaline is administered
  • The procedure itself is virtually painless, with the potential for only minor discomfort.
  • Following the procedure, patients are placed under medical supervision for a minimum of 2 hours, or longer if deemed necessary
  • Mild to moderate analgesics are prescribed for postoperative pain management
  • Antibiotics are not required

The procedure is generally associated with minimal side effects. In rare instances, approximately 1-2% of cases, some individuals may experience a transient fever as part of their immediate response, or in extremely rare cases, an allergic reaction, which can be effectively managed with antihistamines.

Several days post stem cell harvesting, some patients may report occasional sensations of mild malaise or, conversely, heightened energy levels. Although these occurrences are infrequent, they should not raise significant concern, as they are indicative of the commencement of the healing process.


All minor surgical procedures carry universal risks.

These include but are not limited to bleeding, infection, scarring, bruising, pain and damage to surrounding structures.

During your consultation we will advise on any risks specific to your procedure and complete a standard consent form.

There are no published risks from using autologous stem cells.



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