Long Covid


Covid 19 is an acronym which stands for coronavirus disease 2019 and is caused by the novel coronavirus SARS—CoV2. The outstanding characteristic of this disease is well known to the readers and the community for its contagious nature and lethality in vulnerable groups of people. This included the elderly, infirm and people with immune compromise. Classically the virus caused fever, sore throat, dry cough, shortness of breath, tiredness.

Most patients developed a degree of pneumonia and subsequent hypoxia from inability to clear inflammation from the lungs. With the arrival of vaccines the symptoms decreased in intensity and death rates reduced. Nevertheless a vast number of patients still had residual symptoms ranging from fatigue, fever, pain, joint stiffness, weight loss, shortness of breath and what is described as “brain fog”. 

Patients that have an increased risk of long covid include:

  • Older patients
  • Having 1 or more underlying chronic medical condition
  • Higher BMI (obesity)
  • Female
  • Being admitted to hospital during the acute phase of Covid 19

The question may be asked why do people get long Covid? There is no clear answer of why some people get long covid but it could be due to these factors:

  • The way the virus affects the body and in particular the nervous and vascular systems
  • Some of the virus staying in your body and triggering ongoing symptoms
  • Your immune symptoms becoming over-reactive as a response to being infected with the Covid 19 virus
  • In general the symptoms are similar to chronic fatigue

The symptoms of Long Covid include but not limited to:

  • Chest pain
  • Palpitations of the heart
  • Fatigue
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • Loss of taste and/or smell
  • Breathlessness
  • Brain fog
  • Músculo skeletal disorders

How is long covid treated:

  • In general medical authorities only treat the symptoms; if you have a headache you are prescribed pain pills
  • If you have joint stiffness you are prescribed anti-inflammatories
  • There is no specific treatment for long covid symptoms 

Stem Cells used for Long Covid:

  • In January 2022 eBiomedicine The Lancet published a 1 year outcome for Human mesenchymal stem cell treatment for severe Covid 19: '1 year follow up results of a randomised, double blind, placebo controlled trial'. Their findings confirmed improvement in whole lung lesion volume in patients treated with mesenchymal stem cells compared with placebo. Their interpretation of the results was that "Stem Cell administration achieves a long term benefit in the recovery of lung lesions and symptoms in Covid 19 patients”
  • There has been no other double blind study in respect of other symptoms such as loss of taste or smell


The symptoms of long covid are real due to the number of patients complaining of significant disability. However the treatment has been symptomatic relief with analgesics or anti-inflammatories and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle supplemented by a positive psychological state. It is known that mesenchymal stem cells are the most widely used type of stem cell in clinical practice because they are widely regarded as safe and have the ability to avoid rejection when administered into your body. Indeed eurostemcell.life only use your own stem cell (autologous) which are harvested by doing a minor liposuction procedure.

Fortunately mesenchymal adipose stem cells regulate the immune system by promoting an inflammatory response when the immune system is under activated and reducing inflammation when the system is over activated. Mesenchymal stem cells play a key role in preventing the immune system from attacking itself similar to what one may see in autoimmune disorders. 

At Eurostemcell.life we pride ourselves on ensuring patients know the team diagnosing and conducting their stem cell therapy. Professor Russell Vickers is the lead specialist, working within a team of specialist surgeons and doctors.

Important questions that patients should ask of any treating clinicians and facility:

  • Are my treating doctors specialist surgeons/doctors and stem cell experts?
  • How many publications and research based studies have they published in peer reviewed journals?
  • Can they augment stem cell therapy with the known benefits of adjunctive therapy?

Eurostemcell.life is Europes premier stem cell organisation guided by evidence based medicine and clinical research.

Our founding director, Professor Russell Vickers PhD, MDsc, M Med, MA, FFPM (ANZCA) is an Australian and New Zealand board registered surgeon with over 100 publications, books and thousands of invited lectures and presentations on stem cells, pain, peptide synthesis and biochemistry. Professor Vickers is the leader of a family team of surgeons assisting him including Dr Peter Vickers, MD, FRCS (Edinburgh), FRACDS, Dr Richard Vickers, MD, FRCS (England, Glasgow, Ireland), FRACDS (OMS) and Dr Jessica Vickers, MD, MCOM, BA/BN as co-ordinator.

This medical summary has been written by Professor Vickers and his family team of specialist consultants.

It has been written by medically qualified writers.

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