Neuropathic orofacial pain Diagnosis and multimodal management


The paper discusses the challenges and treatments for neuropathic orofacial pain, which is a type of chronic pain in the face and mouth area. This pain is often linked to nerve damage and can include conditions like burning mouth syndrome and trigeminal neuralgia. The paper says that treating this type of pain often requires a mix of approaches like medication, natural remedies, and psychological support. New treatments like nerve modulation and stem cell therapy are also being explored.

The paper mentions that this type of chronic pain is quite common, affecting 17.1% of adult men and 20% of adult women in Australia. It’s not only painful but also expensive to manage, costing an average of $27,000 per patient per year in the U.S. The pain can sometimes be extreme, even when the cause seems minor, like after dental work.

In short, neuropathic orofacial pain is a complex issue that requires a mix of medical and psychological treatments. It’s a common problem that can be very expensive and challenging to manage.

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