Pain and Pain Syndromes

From an anatomical perspective pain is a complex reaction that manifests itself in the hosts body from a variety of noxious stimuli.

The syndrome or complex may be from an accident with tissue damage, degeneration of tissue or nerve; peripheral or central in location and minor or severe. Due to the disposition of the nervous system most pain syndromes end up being central (brain) in location. The damage to the nerves manifest as an unpleasant reaction requiring the individual to alleviate the discomfort.

The role of mediators in pain have caused society to seek the use of narcotic analgesics when severe to the use of anti-inflammatory medication if the pain is mild.

The use of stem cells is a relatively recent success story. Where nerve pain may be peripheral or central the stem cell gravitates to the site of injury and may regenerate the nerve itself or reduce the amount of inflammation around the nerve.

Professor Russell Vickers has published extensively on pain and stem cells. He has written a book  on pain and his stem cell research publications have elevated him to being a referenced google scholar.

We invite the patient suffering from nerve pain to contact so an academic discussion can be initiated to advise you whether continuation with drug therapy is appropriate or consideration of stem cells. We reiterate that treatment of the active cancer patient with stem cells is not recommended by

At we pride ourselves on ensuring patients know the team diagnosing and conducting their stem cell therapy. Professor Russell Vickers is the lead specialist, working within a team of specialist surgeons and doctors.

Important questions that patients should ask of any treating clinicians and facility:

  • Are my treating doctors specialist surgeons/doctors and stem cell experts?
  • How many publications and research based studies have they published in peer reviewed journals?
  • Can they augment stem cell therapy with the known benefits of adjunctive therapy? is Europes premier stem cell organisation guided by evidence based medicine and clinical research.

Our founding director, Professor Russell Vickers PhD, MDsc, M Med, MA, FFPM (ANZCA) is an Australian and New Zealand board registered surgeon with over 100 publications, books and thousands of invited lectures and presentations on stem cells, pain, peptide synthesis and biochemistry. Professor Vickers is the leader of a family team of surgeons assisting him including Dr Peter Vickers, MD, FRCS (Edinburgh), FRACDS, Dr Richard Vickers, MD, FRCS (England, Glasgow, Ireland), FRACDS (OMS) and Dr Jessica Vickers, MD, MCOM, BA/BN as co-ordinator.

This medical summary has been written by Professor Vickers and his family team of specialist consultants.

It has been written by medically qualified writers.

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