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Historical timeline of key personnel at


 Professor Russell Vickers, Dr’s Peter and Richard Vickers obtain their Medical and Dental degrees from University of Sydney, University of Adelaide, Australia


Professor Russell Vickers, Dr’s Peter and Richard Vickers all become Board Certified in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Australia and New Zealand.


Professor Gordon Slater completes Orthopaedic Surgery training and appointed distinguished Professor in New York USA, sub-specialising in stem cells, foot and ankle surgery. Professor Slater leads USA and Australian teams in use of biologics and Stem Cells in treatment of orthopaedic non-unions and regenerative healing.

Gordon Slater
Professor Russell Vickers PhD


Professor Russell Vickers completes Faculty of Medicine PhD on Peptide Mechanisms in Pain using chromatography and mass spectrometry.


Professor Vickers has co-authored over 100 publications on peptides, stem cells, regenerative medicine, pharmacology and chemical biology in Stem Cell Research & Therapy, Journal of Neuroscience, Journal of Pain Research, Journal of Biomaterials and Nanobiotechnology, Pharmacology and Pharmacy, Peptides. First publications in safety and efficacy using stem cells in humans for neuropathic pain, gold standard clinical & laboratory guidelines for stem cell therapy. Publications in 2021-2022 in the Journal of Cancer Therapy combining stem cells, peptides and natural herbal compounds to significantly reduce cancer markers and prevent DNA double helix damage to establish a new safe approach for human tissue regeneration, anti-aging and increase human longevity.


Professor Russell Vickers, Professor Gordon Slater, Dr’s Peter and Richard Vickers all complete numerous overseas fellowships in USA, UK, Australia, Malaysia and New Zealand


Dr Jessica Vickers completes Medical School at St George’s University of London and graduates with a Distinction in Clinical Specialties. Dr Jessica Vickers completes posts in Major Trauma (12 months) and Oral Maxillo-Facial Surgery and Plastic Surgery (12 months).

Begins formal training at the University of Glasgow for postgraduate Masters in Stem Cell Engineering for Regenerative Medicine.

Jessica Vickers M.D.
Professor Russell Vickers and Dr Peter Vickers in China


International stem cells clinics opened in UK, China, New Zealand and Australia by Professor Vickers and Dr Peter & Richard Vickers. Professor Vickers becomes First European Professor of Stem Cells in China and appointed Surgeon in Mongolia.


Professor Vickers stem cell research and treatments are recognised and published in leading journals around the world including The Wall Street Journal, NASDAQ news, YAHOO Finance, Morningstar Asia amongst others. is established in Cyprus


Professor Russell Vickers, Professor Gordon Slater, Dr’s Peter, Richard and Jessica Vickers establish a Stem Cell clinic in Cyprus for European and Middle Eastern patients.



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